Merlot Red 65' Chevy Impala

Merlot Red at sun down, 65′ Impala

Meet our friendly neighborhood… Impala. This unlikely find was a nice surprise while roaming through the neighborhood one morning. Same street every day, passing by the same passers by. Then suddenly, here’s this beautiful Merlot red 65′ Chevy Impala convertible just a few blocks over. Super clean and untainted, pure stock glory. Perfect stance. Gotta know what the story is, cause it is one stunning … Continue reading Merlot Red at sun down, 65′ Impala

‘66 Shelby Mustang GT-350H

66 Shelby GT-350H that Hertz

It started off as one of those days. Three hot leads on some rides to feature for this issue, but each time I stopped by; the car owner either had the car up on stands for repairs, or was out of town hitting the last of the year’s show-n-shines. But then, lo and behold, on my empty-handed, aimless drive through town a glimmery shine just … Continue reading 66 Shelby GT-350H that Hertz

64' Thunderbird

The Endearing 64′ Thunderbird

The 1964 Thunderbird, often dubbed the ‘Jet Bird’ or sometimes the ‘Flair-Bird’ offered a unique era of T-Bird. Upon it’s arrival, the public quickly embraced the redesign’s squared-off, ‘formal’ exterior and jet-inspired interior. The cockpit themed dash and instrument panel enticed drivers to ‘prepare for take off,’ or at least that’s w hat the marketing execs of the mid-Sixties would like us to think. Complimented … Continue reading The Endearing 64′ Thunderbird