Wolfsburg 56' Oval Window VW

Das Berlin 56′ Oval Window

Here folks, is the story of one amazing 1956 oval window VW. Possibly the cleanest, coolest and most pristine Oval window I’ve had the chance to get close to. This is the true story of man and his machine. The story of Das Wolfsburg 56′ Oval Window VW: Back in 1956 the Volkswagen plant in Wolfsburg, Germany produced 321,523 beetles. Since it’s production, this factory … Continue reading Das Berlin 56′ Oval Window

53' Buick Super Reviera Edition

1953 Super Riviera

As we begin our journey to visit this 53’ Buick we can’t help but notice there’s something special in the air. Maybe it’s because the time just changed and the tell-tale signs of spring are apparent. Heading toward the county side, the lots got bigger and the city faded behind us. It was warm and fragrant from all the spring blooms in the air. The … Continue reading 1953 Super Riviera

57′ Resurrected Rig

After a service life of more than 20 years with the Fresno Fire Department, this fire-hose-laden workhorse served as a training engine at the Fresno City College fire academy. Following a decade of use by fire cadets, the 1957 Kenworth was set out to pasture behind the firefighters union hall in Downtown Fresno. There the rig slowly began to decay and quickly collect rust. A … Continue reading 57′ Resurrected Rig