Merlot Red 65' Chevy Impala

Merlot Red at sun down, 65′ Impala

Meet our friendly neighborhood… Impala. This unlikely find was a nice surprise while roaming through the neighborhood one morning. Same street every day, passing by the same passers by. Then suddenly, here’s this beautiful Merlot red 65′ Chevy Impala convertible just a few blocks over. Super clean and untainted, pure stock glory. Perfect stance. Gotta know what the story is, cause it is one stunning piece of Impala.
So here it is.

65' Impala with Merlot
nice lines….

It starts with man’s “other” best friend, the internet. Modern day technology and hours of surfing the vast inner-web eventually lead our latest D3 inductee to a gentleman in Michigan. This is where the majority of the 65′ Impala’s core restoration took place. Housed with much love in a climate controlled garage. Protected from the harsh weather of the midwest and ensuring a proper preservation. The only real issue with that plan is that these machines need to be unleashed. They were born and engineered to be out on the town! Cruising the local drag or purring around as a slick weekend errand running joy ride. Not caged up in lock-down. Luckily this 65′ was freed from captivity. It’s new owner swept it up, quickly arranging for it’s safe arrival home to sunny California.

Fully rebuilt 327 V8 small block pared with a 375 turbo transmission. Current odometer reading at 9,500 miles, this thing has a more reliable drivetrain than most 2012 model vehicles on the lot.

So here’s where this story has a deserving heart warming twist. This isn’t the new owner’s first 65′ Impala. Previously he had a wish-list worthy 65′ Impala SS hardtop. A bargain investment originally nabbed at around $6k. The perfect balance of mechanically sound, straight, and an open canvas for adding personal touches of style and power. The good times rolled and so did the rest of time. Unfortunately, as with most of us, life had other plans. The family unit began facing some challenging experiences around the neighborhood. Not what they had in mind for raising their family. Once safety became an issue, our model gentleman, husband and father made the decision to offer up the Impala for sale. Quickly doubling his money, cashing in at $12k. A great amount to put down toward a new home – and so they did.

Now moved to their ideal location. Awesome home. Great neighborhood community. Business is back on track. After a season of settling in everything has finally fallen into place. Well almost everything. Business was doing so good in fact, his wife had been stashing a surprise “Impala replacement fund”. Surprise!


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