RBP Ford Super Duty

Black Ops Gets High Rize on Rolling Big Power F-350

When you see a truck decked-to-the-nines in RBP, there’s no escaping the captivating raw attitude of the Rolling Big Power brand. Take this 05′ Ford Super Duty for example. Huge. Mean. Sinister. Performance manufactured with a true rock-n-roll edge. You just can’t look away.

This particular project was a well planned, well executed assembly by Noble Truck Accessory Centers from the Central San-Joaquin Valley of California. It was purchased stock from the Ford dealer and sent straight over to Noble. This truck was enlisted for the pure purpose of being converted to a high rise, 4×4 monster machine. Geared up to play off-road with the big boys, Noble went the extra mile adding more attention to detail, creating a show quality assembly, ready for the next Show & Shine.

I would think it might make one hesitant to take it crawling up the terrain after a build as slick as this. With the esthetic grille, side-vents and many other accents throughout. To the performance highlights of a RBP turbo back exhaust system and differential cover. Then switching it up for big lift with a Rize lift kit system for a total of 10″ added lift, which was a good call to clear the 37″ tire clearance. Lexani style shows in these 20″ RBP wheels, redefining a genre and flaunting their world class innovation through their merged RBP brand.

So far this one survived it’s off-road destiny. Able to live (or die) another day and show off all of it’s RBP & Rize glory to all. There’s much to appreciate in this Ford off-road beast, even if you’re not a 4×4 fan. When you stand next to this massive truck, you suddenly find yourself appreciating all of the “Cool” that comes from being RBP.

How others turned RBP & Rize:

2008-2010 Ford Super Duty photographed in Flor...
2008-2010 Ford Super Duty photographed in Florida, USA. Category:Ford F-Series Category:Red pickup trucks (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

GMC Yukon XL, RBP grill

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