Wolfsburg 56' Oval Window VW

Das Berlin 56′ Oval Window

Here folks, is the story of one amazing 1956 oval window VW. Possibly the cleanest, coolest and most pristine Oval window I’ve had the chance to get close to. This is the true story of man and his machine. The story of Das Wolfsburg 56′ Oval Window VW: Back in 1956 the Volkswagen plant in Wolfsburg, Germany produced 321,523 beetles. Since it’s production, this factory … Continue reading Das Berlin 56′ Oval Window

RBP Ford Super Duty

Black Ops Gets High Rize on Rolling Big Power F-350

When you see a truck decked-to-the-nines in RBP, there’s no escaping the captivating raw attitude of the Rolling Big Power brand. Take this 05′ Ford Super Duty for example. Huge. Mean. Sinister. Performance manufactured with a true rock-n-roll edge. You just can’t look away. This particular project was a well planned, well executed assembly by Noble Truck Accessory Centers from the Central San-Joaquin Valley of … Continue reading Black Ops Gets High Rize on Rolling Big Power F-350