57′ Resurrected Rig

57-firetruck-1-Edit-2After a service life of more than 20 years with the Fresno Fire Department, this fire-hose-laden workhorse served as a training engine at the Fresno City College fire academy. Following a decade of use by fire cadets, the 1957 Kenworth was set out to pasture behind the firefighters union hall in Downtown Fresno.

57' Resurrected Rig
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There the rig slowly began to decay and quickly collect rust. A group of fire department employees concerned with preserving the department’s past began restoring the vintage rig. It took more than a year and countless hours to make the Fresno Fire Department’s oldest fi re engine road worthy again. Today minor restoration of this classic continues.

Special thanks to mechanics Sam Evans, Dave Aguilar, and PIO Shockley for heading up the restoration effort. Today the “’57 KW” has found a second life – used to teach children fi re safety and featured in local parades.


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